Ave, Lord Caesar
On second thoughts, asklittlepip might be onto something.

On second thoughts, asklittlepip might be onto something.

(It might work better if you ALSO redirect "bad" questions or ones you simply can't use from the main blog to here. You'd do so by just taking a screenshot of the Ask box and cutting it out and pasting it, then making a reply, same way you put Asks into art posts. This has the advantage of also being easily rebloggable, unlike Asks that -don't- do this, as I unfortunately found out a while ago.) Uh, true to Caesar!

A very good idea! Although I’m pretty sure that tumblr made asks rebloggable a while ago, I’d still need to cut them out like that if I was posting them on this blog.

Although I’m not entirely sure how well people would take it when I deem their question to be unworthy of a proper drawn answer.

My lord, why doesn't anyone realise that you would easily destroy batter Kimball in a fight~?

Everyone realises that.

Oh, Caesar… Hope you like sitting in your tent for years while I fill my house with junk and avoid picking sides…

This is exactly the mentality that makes this blog work.

- Art Slave

Caesar your to fluffy for you fluffyness


òh mighty fluffy caesar could you give me a hug :D <3

No. I don’t make a habit of hugging my staff.

Has Caesar ever considered heading down to BIG MT for another robo-dog?

Caesar has not. Caesar has legionaries who would do this for him should he wish for another robo-dog.



so are you going to be the main character of the next fallout?

I am not a character as much as a deity, a God amongst men, your lord, supreme ruler etc.

Let’s hope there will not be a “next fallout” since we are still dealing with a lot of fallout from the first incident.

will you give me your blessing so i might ask legate lanius hand in marriage

No, but I think you ought to try anyway.

Say what you wish. The Enclave shall make their return... we are gathering forces. Slowly... To crush the NCR for what they did at Navarro.

Congratulations, you and I have a common cause.